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Beating the lockdown blues - beautiful bowls using marbling

Lockdown is here again and, once again, my life has settled into a pattern of juggling home schooling, bread making, online shopping, walking and running, and Zoom calls to family and friends - and in between, finding as much time as I can to escape into my little home studio. Not forgetting Netflix of course!

Like many fellow artists at the moment, with so many other daily demands, I haven't always felt in the most creative of moods. I had grand plans to make my own glazes but this task has eluded me so far - though I have begun to experiment with applying commercial glazes, with some pleasing results.

As these before and after images show, glazing pots isn't an exact science. The colours often change markedly from their raw states when fired, and each glaze interacts somewhat unpredictably with its neighbours to create organic, flowing patterns (if you're lucky... or a yucky mess if you're not!) One really has to 'go with the flow' - here I've used a combination of building layers of glaze, letting each one dry, and finally applying darker blues with a slip trailer or flicking them on using a brush. On other pieces, I've applied new layers whilst earlier glaze was still wet, turning the bowls to different angles, to allow the glazes to run and marble together. I have to admit, the first time I did this, it was serendipitous!

Fruit bowl, raw glazes Fruit bowl, fired Main picture, before firing

This work uses Amaco Potter's Choice high fire glazes, which have been formulated to mix and create flowing interesting effects when layered over each other. Certainly, the results have brought me a bit of lockdown cheer. I love their palette of turquoises and blues - however, I am hoping to develop my own glazes soon - so watch this space!

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